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Central Bank Significantly Increased Account Opening at Point-of-Sale

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200% Increased wallet share per customer

6 Average products sold per customer at point of sale.

10X Greater
lead flow

250% Average conversion rate of online leads

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The service has allowed us to have more, higher quality conversations with our customer and prospects. New customer activations have exceeded our expectations.

Jim Weber

CMO Comerica Bank

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Industry Insights


March 19, 2015

Data Analytics Expert Neil S. Fleming, PhD. Joins Ignite Sales’ Board

January 26, 2015

Ignite’s Profitability Dashboards for OmniChannel Measurement Awarded for Innovation 


April 14, 2015

Ignites Sweeps Awards for Innovation!

We have picked up three (yes, three!) prestigious awards this past quarter for our break through Omnichannel Sales Analytics solution.  Our Omnichannel Sales Analytics solution transforms the sales process, unites all sales channels and provides retail banks the ability to measure the financial value of each of its channels. It provides bank executives the insights and tools they need to manage channel sales effectiveness, close the gap on untapped profitability, and improve efficiency ratios. 

March 25, 2015

Enhancing sale enablement with tools and data for greater results

The economy has changed and it’s fundamentally transforming the buyer/seller dynamic. According to a new survey conducted by SDL, channels have become transparent to both businesses and consumers. 60% of millennials surveyed expect a consistent experience from brands whether online, in store or on the phone. Businesses are also following this trend. 60-90% of the B2B buying process is complete before a buyer even contacts a vendor. 

March 16, 2015

Winning the Customer Experience

Sometime in the last several years the term “customer experience” has been reduced to a simple subset of what it should mean. “Customer experience” can take on different meanings depending on the context of the conversation. If you are speaking to an organization in charge of the online or digital experience, it typically refers to design of the user interface across multiple online channels. Design, and particularly good design is a critical element of a positive user experience. But that is only the beginning. The customer experience is so much more.